What is Liopal Card

Your powerful Social Website
A website that can keep up with your content.

Liopal Card is the launchpad to your contact information, website, latest video & article, recipe, tour,  social post - everywhere you are online.

Create Your Liopal Card

Add Your profile Picture, Bio & More

Add Your Links, Images, Texts

Embed Everything in one Second, Music, Video, Post & etc.

Customize Your Liopal Card

You can customize your liopal card to fit with Your Brand.

you have too many options for customization (Branding Name, colors, Button Theme, Animations & etc.)

Share Your Liopal Card Anywhere

Now is the most important step.

Share your link with the world. In your FB, Instagram, TikTok, Even in the end of your Email.

Anywhere Your audience is, Your Liopal card can be too.The sky`s the Limit.

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