What is Liopal ?

Liopal was formed in 2019 by an international team from around the world and currently has more than 18 staff members.

Liopal was launched on a trial basis in 2020, and after receiving positive feedback from its users, it registered in Moscow in 2021 with the following information and officially started its work.
Losinoostrovsky, Tayninskaya Street, Building 9, Floor 19, Office 827/4, Moscow, Russia, 129345
TIN: 7716962280
OGRN: 1217700602778

Liopal launches several new features each month or upgrades previous features based on its user feedback. (If you have an idea to improve Liopal , be sure to share it with us via Email Support@liopal.com or from the help section of the site.)

Liopal is not just about this smart platform and in the future we will definitely surprise you with your help with different services.

Contact the investment department in Liopal by email: investment@liopal.com

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